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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel outside New Zealand?
Yes. We have completed contracts regularly in Australia, Pacific Islands and Asia.

Are you aware of your responsibilities to the Health and Safety of your employees and other persons in the immediate vicinity?
Yes. We have a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy with ACC accreditation (Workplace Safety Management Practices, level 2 accreditation). We will complete a written Job Safety Analysis prior to commencing work on any major project.

Are you aware of your responsibilities to the environment?
Yes. We have a formal environmental policy and operate to EnviroSmart standards with platinum level accreditation. Lowery Supa Cutters has been at the forefront of the construction industries initiatives to improve our environmental performance. Lowery Supa Cutters received recognition for our performance in 2004 by winning the North Shore City Council Business Excellence Award for ‘Excellence in Environmental Management'.

Do you have formal training for your operators?
Lowery Supa Cutters operates an internal training system consisting of training seminars and onsite assessments. Additional training is provided by the NZCSDA in the form of a concrete cutting safety course. Lowery Supa Cutters is currently working with the BCITO and the construction industry to develop a NZQA recognised qualification. Lowery Supa Cutters is also a member of Site Safe and all field staff attend safety courses.

What depth of concrete can you cut?
Lowery Supa Cutters cutting capabilities are always increasing and we regularly provide ‘one off' solutions to meet customer requirements. At the time of the last website update the cutting capabilities are:

With a hand saw, 250mm
With a floor saw, 600mm
With a wall saw, 850mm deep
With a drill, in excess of 20 metres
With a wire saw, depth and configuration almost unlimited

How deep can you drill?
We have drilled holes 20 metres deep in reinforced concrete. Our accuracy at these depths is within +/-20mm.

Can you manufacture one-off items of specialist equipment?
Yes, we have two engineers who have experience in generating solutions to meet the individual needs of each project. Lowery's frequently modify standard equipment and design new equipment in order to overcome technical issues and / or to improve job performance.
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