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Ride on floor saw

Lowery has three Ride-on concrete saws and you get to reap the benefits. These pieces of equipment are powered by a 72bp turbo-charged Deutz diesel engine – that’s a huge amount of power for a concrete saw!

The engine drives a hydraulic pump that in turn drives the four basic functions of the saw: blade rotation, drive, steering and raising and lowering the blade. That means the saw can use a blade that is 1350mm in diameter and can therefore cut to a depth of 600mm. The other main advantage is that we can adjust the blade rotation speed to suit the diameter of the blade while maintaining full power.

All in all this means you get a much more cost-effective cutting job.
Another big advantage is that it allows us to cut on an angle. This comes in handy both in the removal of concrete, especially when the bottom is not as wide as the top, and when it comes to reinstatement of the concrete. The angle doesn’t have to be that great – five degrees is usually enough.

For you, this means there is less chance of the new concrete sinking or breaking up due to base course subsidence, and you’ll be left with a much neater job.

We have also fitted our ride-on saws with catalytic converters, which reduces the amount of exhaust emissions by about 95 per cent. Obviously this is great news for anyone working in the same area, our operators and the environment.

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