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Concrete Drilling

Lowery’s drilling equipment is fast, smooth and reliable, and our operators are experienced and accurate, which means you can rest assured that you’ll get the result you need.

We have the equipment to suit any job – whether it’s straightforward or has special requirements.

• Drilling rigs range in size from hand-held drill motors to large hydraulic motors with robust drill stands to hold the drill motor and drill bit firmly in place. Size is determined by their use and required power output.

• Our electrically powered motors mostly use single or three phase electrical motors.

• Hydraulic motors provide additional power for large diameter and deep drilling and can also be used in areas where electrical motors cannot be used, such as areas that involve petrol and chemicals.

• We hold core drill diameters of up to 750mm in stock and larger diameters are available on request. We can also create holes with any diameter using a radial wire saw, as long as we can access both sides of the hole.

Concrete Drilling
Holes for every conceivable purpose, plumbing, mechanical, electrical services. Can be done in all planes including overhead. Diameters and depths range greatly and can be drilled to precise limits.

Large diameter drilling
For access where small machinery won’t work. Range of drill bits to cover all standard pipe work and ducts plus many between sizes. Can form finished result in concrete for customer.

Percussion Drilling
Drilling for starter bars, dry situations, pilot holes, anchor installation etc.

Overhead Drilling
Where access from above is not available. Full range of drilling can be done overhead.

Core samples
Cores can be taken for testing quality, state, depth, and strength of concrete from on site or at our workshop.

Dowell drilling
Pneumatic self feed drilling for installation of dowels into the edge of road/runway slabs.

If you need accurate, effective drilling for your project, call Lowery today.

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