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Concrete Cutting

There are a wide variety of situations that you may need cuts made in concrete so we have an extensive range of equipment to make sure we can get your job done as quickly, effectively and safely as possible. We’ve even developed a few extras of our own – that’s how well we know our business.

Expansion Cutting.
For stress relief and allowing controlled shrinkage by propagating cracking in formed joints in conventional on grade and suspended floor slabs.

Soff Cutting
Very early entry cutting (as soon as concrete is strong enough to support the machine) to give comfort to designers that cracking will not occur before conventional sawing is used.  For more information click here.

Road Sawing
Cutting for utilities, traffic islands, control loops, modifications to road layout, upgrades etc.

Wall sawing
Forming openings and cutting away walls and structures for re-use or demolition, can be used in any plane giving deep accurate cuts.

Wire sawing
Complementing and taking over where a wall saw may be impractical. No limit to the size, shape or complexity of cut. Can be tailor-made to suit individual situations.

Flush Cutting
Lowery developed machines that permit close cuts to floors and walls and allow the generation of a flat surface over an area greater than the cutting depth of its blade.

Flat sawing
Multitude of uses where cutting fully or part through flooring is needed. Can cut through asphalt and heavily reinforced concrete to give a clean accurate finish.

Decorative Cutting
Provides aesthetically pleasing results in flooring slabs inside or out. Varying widths and spacing are used to suit job locations.

Some of the equipment we use for concrete cutting …

Hand saw
Flush cut saw
Ring saw
Bar saw
Floor saw
Ride on floor saw
Electric floor saw
Soff cut saw
Wall saw
Wire saw
Radial wire saw

We’ll always discuss with you the best way to meet your requirements to ensure we create the best solution for you and your job.

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