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1947 – Fred Lowery leaves Lincoln, England to make a new life in New Zealand. He had been an instrument maker in the Royal Air Force and soon finds employment with a local firm repairing damaged gauges and recalibrating existing ones.

1953 – Fred opens Panmure Jewellers in a brand new shopping area opposite Pilkington Road, Panmure. You can still see his name etched into the glass window above the shop, which he owned for a further 40 years.

1960 – A fascination with diamonds leads Fred to one of their new uses – concrete drilling and cutting. He starts Lowery Concrete Drilling and does most of his drilling over the weekends, bribing a willing labourer with a crate of beer he always keeps in his boot.

1965 – Getting work on the acute block for Auckland Hospital means Fred needs help, so he brings on Ted “the termite” Shorrock. Ted earns his nickname by the sheer number of holes he drills!

1970 – While DeBeers synthesised diamonds for the first time in 1953, it isn’t until the mid 1970s that the technology reaches concrete cutting tools. These new tools make the job more accurate and much easier.

1978 – Fred’s nephew Steve Lowery joins the business to help out, but soon there is so much work that his brother Richard also comes on board.

1980 – Fred is ready to sell and Ted wants out, so Steve and Richard take the business on, keeping it in the family.

1982 – Brother number three – John – arrives from the UK and the duo of Lowery brothers becomes a trio.

1989 – An accident that takes John off the tools pays unexpected dividends as he focuses on the business rather than working in it. Lowery moves ahead in leaps and bounds.

1998 – To deal with an ever-increasing workload, Lowery Concrete Drilling buys a competitor, Supa Cutters, which gives the company instant depth and extended coverage. The advantage is immediate as Lowery Supa Cutters takes on a large wire sawing project in Indonesia. It is the first of many overseas jobs, especially in Australia and the Pacific. The company takes advantage of the brothers’ knowledge to develop electric floor saws so that workers can do jobs inside without worrying about pollution.

1999 – The company shifts to new premises at Airborne Road in Albany, Auckland.

2001 – Richard leaves the company to pursue other interests.

2003 – Lowery’s development of flush cut saws sets off a seachange in the industry, and the tools are universally used today.

2005 – Continuing to grow, Lowery shifts to new and bigger premises in Volkner Place, Albany.

2009 – Lowery develops a self-feed drilling machine specifically to drill deep accurate holes in critical structures.

2010 – It’s our jubilee year and we’re celebrating!
We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and make this industry better. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience – contact us today to discuss your concrete cutting and drilling needs.

2012 - Lowery Wellington has outgrown its old premises and has moved to a bigger premises in Goodshed Road Upper Hutt.
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