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Terms of engagement

The following questions outline important responsibilities that should be understood before engaging concrete cutting and drilling activities. It is understood that all work undertaken by Lowery Supa Cutters is completed on this basis. These policies follow industry standard practice in New Zealand and internationally.

Who takes responsibility for determining the location and marking of cut lines and hole positions?
The customer takes the responsibility for determining and marking cut lines and hole positions. Lowery Supa Cutters may on request from the customer, advise or even mark the location of a cut line or hole position but Lowery Supa Cutters does so without taking on any obligations and the responsibility remains with the customer to ensure the positioning and marking is correct.

Who takes responsibility for the engineering and structural integrity of buildings and other structures?
The customer takes the responsibility for the engineering and structural impact of concrete cutting and drilling activities. The only exception to this would be if Lowery Supa Cutters did not follow written customer instructions and caused structural damage as a result. Lowery Supa Cutters is able to offer advice based on many years experience but makes no representation as a structural expert or an Engineer.

What level of clean up can I expect when concrete slurry is involved?
Lowery Supa Cutters will clean up concrete slurry with the use of wet vacs, squeegees and rags to remove concrete slurry from the surface of walls and floors and will make the area safe. It is normal to expect a residue stain or shadow to remain where the concrete slurry came in contact with the wall or floor surface. If the surface is required to be clean to a level where it cannot be determined that concrete slurry was on the surface, then a separate activity to commercially clean or repaint the surface needs to be planned and budgeted for by the customer.
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