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Mission Statement

Family company, family values

We are dedicated to providing the best services and solutions and to do that we focus on several key areas.


Our staff are the backbone of the company and great staff provide great service. We always look not only for those with the right skills, but also the right attitude. Then we offer them training to keep improving their skill levels and knowledge and treat them with respect so they are just as committed to us. The result is a workforce with a high retention rate for the industry and happy, professional staff who are a credit to the business.


Obviously without customers there wouldn’t be a business, and one of the reasons Lowery is still around after 50 years is that we look after our customers. We are committed to providing a highly professional service that meets our clients’ needs and this involves listening to what’s required and using our experience to adjust the solution to fit perfectly.


We are well aware of our effect on our environment and we are constantly working towards finding greener ways to do our job. From adapting our equipment to providing services that help deal with waste products such as concrete slurry, we are leading the industry when it comes to environmental initiatives.


A construction site of any size has its dangers and we are serious about making them as safe as possible – not only for our workers, but for others who are on-site and for the public. We are involved in the premier safety programmes in the country and ensure all our staff follow best practice.
All of these efforts are a big part of why Lowery has been so successful and is still leading the industry after 50 years.

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